Tats of a Thousand Days – 2013

I fell in love with the Josephine Cross the first time I saw it. It is a free pattern on Ben Fikkert’s website http://bentats.nl/. This is in 100 thread.

Josephine Cross - Ben Fikkert

Josephine Cross – Ben Fikkert

It was the first time I used Josephine rings.

Marilee Rockley Earrings

Marilee Rockley Earrings

My son bought me Marilee Rockley’s book ‘Tatted Jewelry’ for Christmas. The patterns are gorgeous! Some are more challenging, but the techniques are clearly illustrated. Her blog is at yarnplayertats.blogspot.com/.

Butterfly Scaft

Butterfly Scaft

The was just some fun. Someone gave me a kit with fancy wool that knits up into a scarf. I decided to add a few beaded butterflies.

Marilee Rockiley Pendant

Marilee Rockiley Pendant

Another one from the Marilee Rockley book.

Mary Konior Large Cross

Mary Konior Large Cross

A Mary Konior pattern this time, from ‘Tatting with Visual Patterns’. Our local library has a copy of her book ‘A Pattern Book of Tatting’. It was invaluable to me when I started out.

Random Coaster - Mary Konior

Random Tatting Coaster – Mary Konior

This is also from ‘Tatting With Visual Patterns’. With random tatting there is no fixed pattern. You start with a central motif and just keep going. I’m not entirely happy with this.

Primrose path - Mary Konior

Primrose path – Mary Konior

Another Mary Konior pattern – one of my favourites.

Bootees - Mary Konior

Bootees – Mary Konior

I tatted these for my great-niece.

Potatted Plant - Pattern by Meta

Potatted Plant – Pattern by Meta

This one was great fun – the pattern is by Meta at http://homemadebymeta.blogspot.com/ (June 2013)

I added the flowers and the butterfly.

I am going to be updating this site more regularly. I have plans for some posts on tips and techniques – some things I learned the hard way! There are some great tatting sites out there, and I will include links to them as well.




  1. You have been busy! I can’t believe you managed to do Josephine rings with size 100 thread – they always curl up on themselves for me at size 80, let alone smaller. I’m very impressed 🙂

    1. Thanks! I won’t say I didn’t do quite a lot of swearing… 😉

      1. Oh thank goodness! It’s always nice to know people are human 🙂

  2. Wonderful items!

    1. Thanks! 😉

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