Lost, Stolen or Strayed, Half a Butterfly

I had only been tatting for a few months when I came across the Antique Pattern Library. They scan in needle and handwork books and make them available to download for free. The books are out of copyright and there are some wonderful old books available, with new scans being added all the time.

The butterfly pattern in this book caught my eye. I wrestled my way through it with the help of my son who retyped the pattern and drew a diagram. He doesn’t tat himself, but understands how it works. I did this in 2011.

Antique Butterfly

Antique Butterfly – 2011

Recently I decided to redo the pattern. I had completed the body and one top wing. I started the other top wing, come to where I had to join to the body, reached into my tatting bag and… it was gone.

I’ve been carrying my tatting everywhere and doing it in all sorts of places for five years, and this is the first time I’ve lost something. I’ll have to chalk it up to experience and in future not toss everything in when I’m in a hurry. Just take a minute extra to put things in more carefully. 😦

I have also been doing more Celtic tatting. This is another pattern that doesn’t need thin shuttles. (This copy of the pattern is on Craftree. You do have to join. My other link doesn’t work anymore.)

Celtic Bookmark

Celtic Bookmark  Pattern by LaRae Mikulecky

I managed to clip a picot when I was finishing off. I had to cut away the last round and do it again. I am going to put a notice on the outside of my tatting bag.

Make Haste Slowly!




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  2. Very nice butterfly.
    Thanks for the link. I bookmarked it.
    Scanned through and found a parasol pattern and collar patterns. Wonderful.j 🙂

    1. Enjoy! I’ve found some lovely stuff there. 😀

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