Celtic Tatting

Someone asked me a question about a pattern a while ago. I love the look of Celtic tatting, and have done a couple of pieces, but this one was new to me.

There are three ways that I know of to do Celtic tatting. Two separate motifs can be woven into each other as in Sue Hanson’s Five Point Celtic Motif. I did this one a while ago. Unfortunately the link I have for the pattern doesn’t work anymore.

Sue Hanson's 5 point Celtic Motif

Sue Hanson’s 5 point Celtic Motif

Long chains can be woven together as they are worked, as in the Martha Ess Tatted Shamrock Wreath.

There are patterns that use narrow Celtic shuttles, like this one here.

This pattern starts with a ring which has an odd number of picots, then a chain skips a picot and joins to the next. Things get more complicated on the second round. The shuttle is far to big to fit through the loops.

Narrow Loops

Narrow Loops

I had seen narrow Celtic shuttles, but didn’t have one to hand, so I made a shuttle. Sort of. It does work, although it is a little prone to tangling.

Makeshift Celtic Shuttle

Makeshift Celtic Shuttle

In case anyone is wondering, I used a curtain hook and straightened it out with two pairs of pliers.

Curtain hook

Curtain hook

What the curtain hook looked like before I started bending it to my will…

Completed Motif

Completed Motif

The ball thread also has to be cut so it can be threaded through the loops. It would also be possible to unwind the shuttle and pass the thread through, although rewinding the shuttle each time would be a fiddle.

Here is the link for the forum that the pattern came from. The website is a treasure trove of information on all types of lace.

Celtic Tatting Forum



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  2. Thank you for posting this! You’ve finished it~and it looks great! Unfortunately, mine was still tangled up in between somewhere and I had to cut the thread. So I guess I have to start over again. Hopefully this time it will work out well:)

    1. Good luck! Mine took more than a little swearing… 😉

  3. looks great – I wish there were more hours in a day … I could then find time to tat! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think we could all do with a 30 hour day… 😉

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