Tats of a Thousand Days – 2012

In the beginning of 2012 I had only been tatting for a few months. Around about this time I found the tatting website InTatters (Now Craftree) One of the first things I saw was Anne’s Dragon and I just knew I had to tat it.

Anne Bruvold's Minor Norwegian Dragon

Anne Bruvold’s Minor Norwegian Dragon

The free pattern is http://nuperelle.net/drager/monstre/MinidragerEng.pdf. It was a step up as it included split rings – a new technique for me.

Mary Konior's Butterfly Edging in Progress

Mary Konior’s Butterfly Edging in Progress

This was planned as a gift for a nephew of mine and his new wife.

Bookmarks - Mary Konior Cross and a pattern from a magazine.

Bookmarks – Mary Konior Cross and a pattern from a magazine.

It’s VERY difficult to get coloured threads suitable for tatting. Then I found one shop willing to order for me, as long as I bought the box. This was extremely bad for my hording and stashing tendencies. I tatted these bookmarks to say thank-you, as well as to show her what I wanted the threads for – the shop was focused more on needlework and embroidery.

Butterfly edging completed.

Butterfly edging completed.

The edging was for what we call a tea shower – a net to throw over a tea tray or food to keep flies away. I calculated the number of stitches – 11 200! If I had know that, I’d never have started…

Doily from the McCall's Book of Needlework

Doily from the McCall’s Book of Needlework

I found this pattern in a library book. It looked a lot better in the book. The pattern doesn’t really make sense – the last two rows are much the same and don’t lie flat.

Flower Bookmark

Flower Bookmark

A charming little pattern I found on the internet. It is in Spanish, and doesn’t include the designers name! It says it is based on a pattern by Bina Madden – I have looked at the original and this one is much simpler. I would love to credit the designer.

R.L. Auld Tatted Bag

R.L. Auld Tatted Bag

Another find in the local library was a book by R.L. Auld – Tatting – the Contemporary Art of Knotting with a Shuttle. The bag turned out quite small – the thread is size 20 – but turned out to be useful anyway!

Tatted Bag in Use

Tatted Bag in Use

It holds a small (20gm) ball of thread quite nicely.



  1. These are so beautiful!! I love them 😀

    1. Thanks so much! 😉

  2. Very beautiful work! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! 😉

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