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I wonder if all tatters throw out as much thread as I do? The problem is that very few patterns tell you how much thread is required and, because joining mid pattern can be fiddly I always over guess how much thread I need. So…….what can we do with…

Many tatting shuttles have hooks and posts. Some people ‘neuter’ their shuttles by cutting off the post. The post was originally intended to hold the bobbin while winding the thread, but on the cheap plastic shuttles it is too large, and so quite useless. For myself, I have small hands (they go well with the rest […]

I had only been tatting for a few months when I came across the Antique Pattern Library. They scan in needle and handwork books and make them available to download for free. The books are out of copyright and there are some wonderful old books available, with new scans being added all the time. The […]

I have finally managed to get the hang of Cluny leaves. I’m still learning – the joins are messy – but I’ll figure it out. As you will see, the leaves are all different shapes – the first one was that very fat little one down at the bottom. Funnily enough, I got the first […]

Someone asked me a question about a pattern a while ago. I love the look of Celtic tatting, and have done a couple of pieces, but this one was new to me. There are three ways that I know of to do Celtic tatting. Two separate motifs can be woven into each other as in […]

I fell in love with the Josephine Cross the first time I saw it. It is a free pattern on Ben Fikkert’s website http://bentats.nl/. This is in 100 thread. It was the first time I used Josephine rings. My son bought me Marilee Rockley’s book ‘Tatted Jewelry’ for Christmas. The patterns are gorgeous! Some are more […]

In the beginning of 2012 I had only been tatting for a few months. Around about this time I found the tatting website InTatters (Now Craftree) One of the first things I saw was Anne’s Dragon and I just knew I had to tat it. The free pattern is http://nuperelle.net/drager/monstre/MinidragerEng.pdf. It was a step up as […]

For those not of a mathematical turn of mind, a thousand days is just under three years. I’m surprised at how much there is – I don’t sit at it for hours a day – but all those spare minutes in queues and waiting rooms add up. Me trying to get the hang of two […]

I have been tatting for just over two years. I have found my own way around some problems, and hope these posts might be helpful to others. I’m not saying any of these are the best or only way to do things; only that they worked for me. If you have a problem, keep trying, […]

The smaller bookmark is 60 thread. The larger bookmark has three medallions because I made a mistake with the turn and decided to carry on. Tatting has no reverse gear! Each knot has to be unpicked. The pattern is from a Mary Konior book. A Mary Konior pattern From the same Mary Konior book. This […]