Hook Away

Many tatting shuttles have hooks and posts. Some people ‘neuter’ their shuttles by cutting off the post. The post was originally intended to hold the bobbin while winding the thread, but on the cheap plastic shuttles it is too large, and so quite useless.

For myself, I have small hands (they go well with the rest of me 😉 ) so I always ‘chop’ my shuttles – my term for cutting off both the hook and post – which means I don’t have to worry about which way to hold the shuttle.

Shuttles – plain and ‘chopped’

However, the problem then is playing ‘Hunt The Crochet Hook’. And the one you lose is always the only one you have in that size…

Here is my solution

Hook on thread

This does only work with the all-metal hooks, not those with a plastic grip. Also required is a handyman with tools to cut the crochet hook and drill a hole. I wear this around my right wrist, and at the right length I can flick the hook into my hand whenever I need. A piece of thread does the job of holding the hook perfectly well, but does wear out eventually. So I decided to upgrade my system.

Hook on chain, with optional spider

What can I say – I like spiders and think of them as fellow lace makers. However, I must admit that the thread loop was more comfortable. I may downgrade…

Hook in hand



  1. What a clever idea ! I do love the spider but too bad it is not as comfortable. 🙂

  2. Very nifty indeed. I quite like the hook and the post. Found the post occasionally useful for smoothing out little twists that happen around loops.

    1. That’s an idea. 😉

  3. I do like the chain and spider. 🙂
    I threaded fine string though triangle end of my tatting hook and slip the string over my thumb, so I can find it quickly when I need it. 🙂
    Now it is cooler, I can get back to knitting, crochet and tatting without my sweaty hands staining the threads. 🙂

    1. That’s a neat idea.

  4. I wonder if I should try tatting again with a shuttle instead of a needle. Maybe I’ll have more success. 😀

    1. Find what suits you. Some people do both.
      I like a shuttle, but that’s just personal. I’ve not tried needles, because they are so difficult to find here.

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