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Hook Away

Many tatting shuttles have hooks and posts. Some people ‘neuter’ their shuttles by cutting off the post. The post was originally intended to hold the bobbin while winding the thread, but on the cheap plastic shuttles it is too large, and so quite useless. For myself, I have small hands (they go well with the rest […]

Celtic Tatting

Someone asked me a question about a pattern a while ago. I love the look of Celtic tatting, and have done a couple of pieces, but this one was new to me. There are three ways that I know of to do Celtic tatting. Two separate motifs can be woven into each other as in […]

Tatty Tip – 1 Chain Tension

I have been tatting for just over two years. I have found my own way around some problems, and hope these posts might be helpful to others. I’m not saying any of these are the best or only way to do things; only that they worked for me. If you have a problem, keep trying, […]