Tatting – So far, so good (September, 2012)

The smaller bookmark is 60 thread.

The larger bookmark has three medallions because I made a mistake with the turn and decided to carry on. Tatting has no reverse gear! Each knot has to be unpicked. The pattern is from a Mary Konior book.

A Mary Konior pattern

From the same Mary Konior book. This was about the third piece I did.

I found this cross easier to make (also Mary Konior), and gave several away. People seem to like them as markers for prayerbooks.

An out-of-copyright pattern from an Ellison Court book.

I puzzled this out from an old pattern, with the help of my son who drew an invaluable diagram. A real challenge to me, but so satisfying to finish.

Anne Bruvold’s Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon

The legendary dragon. It uses split rings, which are something of a challenge at first. The pattern is free to download from Anne’s website, or Intatters.

Work In Progress I am making a doiley, and am also busy on a tatted edging for a cloth for my nephew’s and his wife’s first wedding anniversary.



  1. Wonderful job! I love Mary Konior’s patterns. I’m inspired to make that dragon as a break from snowflakes.

    1. Thanks! Enjoy the dragon 😉

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